Our Story

When I was younger, I was completely obsessed with rocks. I spent my summers on the beach with my head down, searching for rocks to add to my collection. I loved the mystery of never knowing what I might find - the randomness excited me. Every rock is unique in its own way, and if I spent enough time looking, I knew that eventually I would find something that I needed to take with me.

Rocks do not just appear as they are, they evolve slowly over time. They crack, split, shatter, erode, change color, shape, and texture. Some changes are brought on naturally, others brought on by human contact. But regardless, all rocks come from somewhere; they are all the product of change.

My goal is to give every item I find a new life, identity, and context. This forces me to be creative, to constantly think outside the box and come up with new designs, techniques, and approaches. I'm trying to sell an idea, an approach - not a single type of product. A new way to think about clothing, expression, and identity.

I want to make something for someone rather than something for everyone. I don't want you to look through my collection and expect to find something in particular, I want you to experience excitement and surprise when you find something you simply can't pass up. This is why I do what I do. This is why I am constantly making new products, brainstorming new designs, and coming up with new approaches to printing - so that one day you will find the rock that speaks to you.

-Nick Charde, Head Artist

Find Your Rock

All of our t-shirts are sourced from local thrift stores and outlets, carefully selected by hand. Nothing wholesale, nothing new, and absolutely no duplicates - only unique, one-of-one pieces.


We believe that nothing is ever a finished product, that something can always be modified or improved, upcycled or renewed. We want to turn old clothes into something new while maintaining the mystery and excitement of thrifting - the thrill of finding something you didn't know you wanted, but just had to have.